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Singer Sona Shahgeldyan presented a new "Malvina" song.

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In late 2012, a young man named Ryan went to Indiana to serve in the US Army. He served two years in Germany. The whole family will miss him, especially his mother.

When motatsav time back home, Ryan was an incredible surprise to his mother, two sisters. The sisters went to the airport to pick up their brother, who was returning to her home in secret.

On July 4, the whole family gathered in the yard, the barbekyui. They offered her game play, linking eyes.

His task was tangible guess who is standing before her. One by one, family members were kneeling down before him, and lo Ryan then appeared in military uniform.

It was the mother of his son's shoulders, arms, felt that he had something to doubt. Then he touched his son's face, and those who were watching the scene, they began to cry.< ... Read more »

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Life.panorama.am- writes.

In everyday people find themselves in a situation from which they have to apply for a loan to get out of providing assistance.

We present a video in which the characters have decided to experiment and show how people absently signed documents providing loans.

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The former captain of the Brazilian national team, World Cup champion Kafun announced that the Catalonian "Barcelona" Neymar should not be punished for the national team captain.

"Neymar is not the leader. He should no longer be the team captain. He created a ball playing football and working pleasure. This is not a criticism. Many football stars were not high.

His technical abilities are indisputable, but he must not have the armband. Captain must be a leader and example for his teammates, "said Kafun.

Recall that earlier took Brazil coach Dungan defender Thiago Silva to PSG captain and handed it to Neymar: and

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Actor Johnny Depp's wife, Amber Hyorde summoned to court in Australia, in May this year the country illegally and accused of taking 2 dogs. BBC- Russian Service reports.

Earlier, Australian authorities threatened to sleep couple yorkshiryan teriernerin the return of the United States.

In late May, the Australian Minister of Agriculture Burnaby BBC- Joyce said in an interview, said that Depp was going to take 2 dogs that have not passed the entrance to the sanitary control.

According to him, the actor dogs entered the country illegally. On April 21, the dogs Depp took his private plane from the United States required the veterinary and border control are passed.


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Panorama.am- writes.

Yuli Edelstein, Israel's parliament speaker expects that the coalition and the opposition will unite and recognize the Armenian Genocide. According to «The Jerusalem Post» newspaper.

According to the source Knesset speaker also expressed the hope that the Knesset will be implemented in the form of official recognition soon.

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Minister of Agriculture Sergo Karapetyan visited Tavush province bordering orchards development, production and sales of the track.

The Minister's visit is the first stop Ptghavan community was accompanied by the governor Hovik Abovyan was "the fruit" company based nectarine orchards, the carried out activities. Under the program, a total of Tavush region Artchis, Ptghavan and Debetavan communities have been established in 24 hectares of peach, nectarine, cherry, walnut and plum trees orchards.

Two years ago, "the fruit" Spartak Ghazarian, farmer-owned company founded in about 4.5 acres of land nectarine and peach orchards. Italy imported saplings software, has introduced a drip irrigation system for the gardens will also be installed anti-hail nets.

Farmers are satisfied with the results, intensive gardens are, therefore, at 5 tons per hectare yield up to expectations. Spot Noyemberyan`s village with peaches and grapes are also discus ... Read more »

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